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Women's Activewear Care

How to Care for Your Women's Activewear

Making sure that you get the full benefit of your women's activewear means taking proper care through washing and maintenance.  Just as all fashion garments, your workout clothing needs to be taken care of properly or you will ruin the fabric which will in turn, ruin the garmen.  There is one key thing to remember regarding your activewear:

The more you wash, the harder you wash, the warmer you wash, the warmer you dry the shorter your activewear will last.

There are many types of varying fabrics that are used in women's activewear and each one is going to have a slightly different resistance to washing and drying.  When ever possible, we recommend the following as a care guide for your women's sportswear and workout clothing:


1.  Pull your activewear garments inside out before washing,

2.  Pre-soak any stains prior to washing in a luke warm / laundry detergent mix,

3.  Wash on gentle (delicate) with cold - luke warm water,

4.  For added effectiveness, stop the wash cycle and let garments soak for 15 - 30 minutes and then restart wash cycle,

5.  Hang dry clothes if possible, or use minimal heat for drying, or

6.  Partially dry activewear in machine (low heat) and finish with hang drying,

7.  Professional wash whenever possible


Remember:  Heat is the enemy of fabric so use as little hot water and air on your activewear clothes as possible.



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